Lottery Singapore and Lottery Hongkong

Lottery Singapore

Whether you want to win big or just play for fun, Lottery Singapore is the way to go. You can play online or buy tickets at retail stores. The lottery has several draw games. It is free to play.

The official lottery website of Singapore is easy to use. You can check the results of previous draws, download the mobile application and sign up for email alerts. You can also check your lottery ticket weight, see the latest results and access the prize payouts.

The Toto game is the most popular game among lottery players in Singapore. In this game, players have to match three out of seven numbers on their lottery ticket to win the jackpot prize. The prize can be worth up to $2 million.

The Singapore Pools is a state-owned gambling company in Singapore. It is the sole operator of Lottery Singapore. The company is committed to providing a safe and secure gaming environment for players. The company has a sophisticated central system to ensure security.

You can buy tickets for the lottery at the official website of Singapore Pools or at retail outlets. The ticket price is low at HKD 10 per selection. You can also join lottery groups to increase your chances of winning.

Singapore Pools also offers four digit lottery called 4D. This game has more prize money than other lotteries. The lottery has two drawing times each day. The first draws are at 9:30PM and the second draw is at 6:30PM.