Lottery Singapore Website

Lottery Singapore

The Lottery Singapore website is simple to navigate and offers a number of resources to players. It allows players to sign up for email alerts, view the General Progress Report, purchase tickets online, and more. The website also features an app for mobile devices, and the mobile website also allows users to purchase tickets at participating physical outlets.

In June 1968, the Toto game was first introduced in Singapore, followed by the 4D game in the early 2000s. The Toto game features a QuickPick option, which matches players’ lucky numbers. It is similar to the Lucky Dip option in the UK National Lottery and in some lottery games in the United States. Players can also opt to play Toto in computerized form, which was introduced on May 19, 1986. Initially, the game was drawn in the 5/49 format, but in 1988, the format was changed to a 6/42 format. The game was also made available online in 2016.

The lottery website also provides updated results from the Hong Kong lottery. It also allows users to place bets on their favourite numbers. In addition to this, the site also offers statistics on all results. The website is an invaluable resource for lottery fans.