Singapore Lottery and Lottery Hongkong

Lottery Singapore

The Singapore Lottery is one of the oldest lottery games in the world. Initially launched in 1968, it was created to curb illegal gambling in the country. It is organized by the state-owned Singapore Pools.

Players can buy tickets online and in retail outlets. They can also download the official app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Alternatively, players can register to receive e-mail alerts for upcoming draws.

Players can buy sets of tickets or individual tickets. Each ticket costs a minimum of $1. Purchasing multiple tickets increases the chances of winning.

To win the jackpot, players must match all six numbers drawn. For a single draw, the jackpot is SGD700,000, which is equivalent to $515,760. If no winner is chosen, the prize is carried over to the next draw.

Tickets are available for sale for both Singapore residents and foreign nationals. Tickets can be paid by credit card or PayPal. However, minors are not allowed to purchase tickets.

Singapore’s gambling industry has shown strong results recently. In April 2015, for example, $9.2 billion was spent on lotteries and sports bets. This was the highest total in a decade.

The official website of the lottery offers information on how to play the games, as well as tips on how to increase the chances of winning. Moreover, players can check out past results and analyze the patterns of winning numbers.

In addition to the regular lottery, Singapore has two other popular betting games: Toto and Sweep. Both of these are governed by the Tote Board, a statutory body.